Monday, 9 April 2012

Where was I?

Hey everyone sorry I haven't posted in a while but I promise I will be back up and running again . Well I have a lot going on at the moment I have been visiting family and friends and overall it's been a busy week .I want to get hair cut so bad because I'm super bored with my current hair so please bare with me and I will see you guys soon Tc till then Love Harika Xxx

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Medplus beauty haul

hey gals,
 finally i got my items delivered yesterday i was waiting to do this haul so,lets straight into it.

what is medplus beauty?
it an online store who deliver items to you door step they have a wide range of makeup and skin care brands and i absolutely love shopping there purely because of the delivery.The delivery is super fast i ordered my stuff on Sunday and got everything by yesterday evening.overall i liked the shopping experience
all stuff comes neatly bubble wrapped and tapped and you also yet your reciept along with everything inside a white paper bag.
 this is everything that i got (sorry about the picture it wasn't changing after several attempts)
 eye products:
i wanted an eye primer so bad so i got the nyx one in pearl.

 i am a kind of person who loves to try out mascaras so i bought this one the wand looks cool but i havent tried it yet!
 faces canada eye palette: i must say the eye shadow quality is just amazing super soft and highly pigmented ,im so much into lilacy, lavender colors so i got this one in mauve taupe.
can't wait to try it!

face products: i bought a foundation which i love but it was hard to get hold of the shade i wanted so i was happy to find it on medplus.

after trying so many blushes i wanted something unique .so i picked up MUFE powder blush in 70 reddish brown.
 its nice muted coral with brown undertone its purely matte which i absolutely love!

i always wanted to try  nyx megashine gloss because they were compared to mac lipglass. so i splurged on beige pearl nice nude shade

Lastly nail products:
as much as i love revlon nail polishes. i want to warn you guys revlon in india is the worst . i hated these so much they are gross,streaky, difficult to dry simply waste of money Although, i love the colors i hate the brush and consistency of polish and it takes forever to dry its really that bad

overall i had some likes and dislikes but loved shopping.i hope you guys like my haul
what was your fav item? did you anything recently? please comment below and leave your haul links
till then
love u
keep calm and buy makeup

Monday, 2 April 2012

pond's moisture intense skin softening cleansing foam

Hey girls ,sorry i was meant to do a haul post but, basically i haven't received my delivery yet ! i will be posting  the haul as soon as i receive my order. Anyways lets get into my review first well, i had a hard time in india to find a face wash because almost all products in india pretty much are aimed towards fairness and in the process these products can dry up your skin so bad trust me u don't want to try them!.Being a dry skin girl i always find myself struggling to get a moisturizing cleanser  which doesn't dry out my skin and  i was lucky enough to find something i wanted its the pond's moisture intense skin softening cleansing foam.For all you guys who are not aware ponds let me tell you ponds is a indian make for skincare and makeup etc its not avilable in the U.Kbut its available in asia and in the U.S.
my views:
as you guys can see from my pics that i pretty much used up half the tube i must admit i totally love its creamy consistency.

if have you ever used ponds cleansers u would know how they feel when you apply them its basically very foamy and creamy and leaves your skin clean and fresh the unique thing about this product is it doesn't leave your skin dry instead, its moisturizing and calming and its musky smell is lovable .p.s i wouldn't recommend this for someone with super dry skin and also don't use too much product as there is a chance of drying
doesn't leave skin dry
feels fresh
nice packaging
overall i like this product it has sleek packaging and it 65 indian rupees ( under £1) which is a steal
 and its worth a try and something different too
hope you guys liked my review
tc till then
keep calm and buy makeup

Sunday, 1 April 2012

maybelline color sensational lipstick collection

 hope you guys are doing great! welcome back to my diary and today will be sharing my maybelline color sensational lipstick collection . i am a big sucker for lip products i always love to try and explore new colors, formulas etc.
one of my favorite from drug store line is the maybelline color sensational lipsticks. the first color i owned was velvet beige i must say i feel in love with formula as it was super moisturizing and highly pigmented but, i guess i wasn't  happy with the £ 7.99 price tag!.

 These are the colors which i own.

 from left to right, warm me up (235), hooked on pink (065), make me pink (135), my mahogany (255), velvet beige (630), plum paradise (425), yummy plummy (405)

oh well , now that im on holiday in india i was shopping online and found these lipsticks for 250 indian rupees(£3) wow! so i bought 6 more colours honestly, i love all these colors and i may some more too. hope you like this post i will be back again today with a haul
take care till then
keep calm and buy makeup

Saturday, 31 March 2012

Diary's first page

My first blog post

hello everyone and welcome to my diary.
This diary is all girly, chic and fun so, sit back and relax and enjoy my blog. I'm harika and im totally obsessed with anything and everything girly ,makeup is my love and fashion is my passion.After reading tons and tons of blogs i finally woke up today with a strong intent that yes! this is it today i will make my blog no matter what! and yes if your reading this right now and you wish you can make as blog well, please leave a comment below and girl go ahead and get that blog done ( don't forget to leave the link for me to check out :)).
well,i wanted to call this blog my diary aka harikasdiary because i think when someone writes their diary they just chill and its like happy yeppy time where they open up their sea of thoughts and this is what i feel about putting my thoughts into my diary .Of course,being a makeup lover my diary i will be full of makeup,beauty,fashion and loads of other fun stuff . I'm sure loads of you would have similar taste as me so do comment and share with me if we have anything in common
so, ladies take care and see you in my next post  
till then